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    1. Migrate to the Cloud


      Migrate to the Cloud with Familiar Cloud Migration Solutions

      Organizations are turning to the cloud to deliver differentiation, faster time to market and overall scalability. Now is the time to migrate workloads with speed and confidence, using cloud migration solutions based on VMware tools and infrastructure you already know.


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      VMware Migrate to the Cloud Overview

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      Why Migrate to the Cloud with VMware?

      Move Workloads Faster

      Rapidly migrate workloads without reimaging or refactoring.

      Balance Resources

      Consolidate your data centers and extend to the public cloud to find the right cost.

      Minimize Costs

      Eliminate complex and uncertain application rework.

      Apply Policies Consistently

      Apply security and governance policies consistently wherever your workloads are deployed.

      Migrate at Scale

      Get the scale of public cloud, while maintaining application integrity.

      Choose the Optimal Environment

      Pick the best environment for performance.

      VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing: Become a Cloud Hero

      Join us October 28th for an action-packed event and hear how our customers are leveraging the power of Multi-Cloud to drive unmatched business value.

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      Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud 


      Cost-Effectively Extend Services to a Global Hybrid Cloud

      Learn how IHS Markit moved 1000 workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS in just six weeks and created a consistent operating model for managing infrastructure.

      Case Study: IHS Markit 

      Improve Agility, Lower TCO and Accelerate Innovation

      Ensure business-critical workloads operate in the most optimal IT environment by migrating to the cloud with an effective hybrid cloud infrastructure.

      White Paper: The Enterprise Guide to Migrating to the Cloud 

      Gain Value by Upgrading Your IT Infrastructure

      Discover how current VMware customers achieved strong value by deploying enterprise applications in a VMware hybrid cloud environment.

      IDC White Paper: The Business Value of Hybrid Cloud with VMware 

      Experience VMware Cloud on AWS

      Test drive the VMware Cloud stack with our free hands-on lab. In just minutes, you can start configuring networking settings and exploring cloud migrations with Hybrid Cloud Extension.

      Start Hands-on Lab 

      Overcome Key Migration Challenges

      Learn about the biggest challenges from cloud leaders and experts and find out how VMware cloud migration solutions address each one.

      Infographic: Six Biggest Migration Challenges 

      VMware Products for Cloud Migration

      VMware Cloud Foundation

      Access integrated cloud infrastructure and cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments.

      VMware Cloud on AWS

      Accelerate your cloud migration with consistent vSphere-based infrastructure delivered on AWS, the world’s leading public cloud.

      VMware HCX

      Leverage an application mobility platform to quickly and easily migrate applications to the public cloud.

      Market Leaders Choose VMware 






      IHS Markit

      “VMware Cloud on AWS helps us build on our success in our private, on-premises environment and cost-effectively extend services to a global hybrid cloud.” – Ben Tanner, Director of Cloud Enablement

      Read Case Study 

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      Modernize the Data Center

      Transform IT infrastructure to capitalize on the flexibility, scalability and performance of private and hybrid clouds.

      Scale on Demand

      Tap cloud infrastructure for disaster recovery, or to scale up and down to meet spikes in demand—without disruption, unnecessary cost or complexity.

      Extend Hybrid Cloud Operations

      Get a single IT operating model for VM and container workloads—to increase business agility, cut costs and reduce risk everywhere applications are deployed.